Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Section

Is this a scam?
Will I be charged any shipping or delivery costs?
What is a referral?
Can my referral sign up using my computer?
Are there any time limits for obtaining referrals?
How do I request cash (via PayPal or bank transfer), or Amazon vouchers?
What happens to my information once you have it?
I have more referrals than my gift requires, what happens next?
Once I have completed all requirements what happens next?
What is verification?
Can I request a gift not on the gifts page? (Custom order)
Are there any restrictions for a custom order?
Is this service available worldwide?
Is there a limit to the amount of gifts I can recive?
What do my referrals have to do to be counted towards my gift?
Do I personally need to complete another offer each time I order another free gift?
I've just completed my offer but this does not referlect on my account?
What is the "Pending" account status?
What is the "Not Complete" account status?
What is the "Completed" account status?
What is the "Rejected" account status?
My account is marked as "Pending", how long untill this is updated?
How does this work?
What are points used for & how do I earn them?
I have not found my answer, how can I contact NeoGoodies?