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Terms & Conditions

Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully before using this site. Use of this site in any way indicates that you fully agree to each of the terms and conditions set forth in this document and completely understand them. If you do not accept these Terms & Conditions, you may not access or use this website for any purpose.
Violation of our terms and conditions of use will result in termination of your account, at NeoGoodies's discretion.
If you do not understand these Terms & Conditions fully, please contact us at:

NeoGoodies will here-in be referred to as “company / it / our / us / we / site / page / web site / NeoGoodies”.
The end-user, i.e. you, will here-in be referred to as “user / you / your / referral”.
"NeoGoodies" Refers to the business, owners, employees, the website and any contractors with whom we are affiliated. "Advertisers" Refers to the entities providing the "offers" and/or "surveys" and intermediaries with whom we interact.

1. Accounts

A. Valid Information
  1. Users shall provide 100% accurate information to NeoGoodies.
  2. Users must keep their profile information on NeoGoodies up-to-date.
  3. Users shall not use another person's name and/or information to create an account on NeoGoodies.
  4. Users shall not use fictitious information to create an account on NeoGoodies.
  5. To use NeoGoodies you must be 18 years of age or older, or 13 years of age or older with parental consent.
B. General usage rules
  1. Accounts are non-transferable.
  2. Offer credits are non-transferable.
  3. Points are non-transferable.
  4. Custom links are non-transferable.
  5. There may not be more than one account per person on NeoGoodies and 100% accurate and current personal information must be supplied. This one account limit includes any accounts which have previously been closed/deleted or are on hold.
  6. There may not be more than one account per IP address. Please note that using a shared internet connection may result in you having the same IP address as another user.
  7. Any accounts which share the same IP address will be permanently unlinked from any other accounts at the same IP and no user shall ever receive credit for any offers completed by these accounts.
  8. NeoGoodies reserves the right to request proof of a user's address and/or identity.
  9. Users may not have multiple accounts at multiple shipping addresses or IP addresses on NeoGoodies. i.e. you may not use multiple computers, internet service providers or IP addresses to create multiple accounts.
  10. Users are responsible for the security of their own account(s). Users should not share their account information with others and they are responsible for keeping their password(s) secure. NeoGoodies is not liable for any loss due to the theft or misuse of your account or its information.
  11. Any user who has his or her account placed on hold may not create another account. Anyone else in the same household and/or IP address as the user placed on hold will also be included in the hold status.
  12. By signing up under a referral link you give permission for your email address, selected gift, country and referring URL (if known) to be displayed to the person you signed up under. We will never pass on your name and address to other users.
  13. The masking of referral links is not permitted (When a user visits NeoGoodies our URL - including your referral code - must be visible in the address bar).
C. Cancellation of Account
  1. For an account to be deactivated, please contact our support department at
D. Hold & Ban

We reserve the right to place your account on hold if you meet any of the following criteria :
  1. Having multiple accounts.
  2. Making fraudulent referrals.
  3. Sending your referral link to others in an unsolicited or excessive manner or posting your referral link anywhere where it is forbidden such as newsgroups and online forums.
  4. Negative feedback from any of our advertisers or offers being immediately cancelled.
  5. More than one account at the same shipping address.
  6. The use of any software, hardware, service or technique to hide or disguise your identity or IP address is not allowed. This includes the use of any proxy server/service which is not part of your internet service provider. Furthermore, using an internet service provider whose purpose is to provide anonymous internet access is not allowed.
  7. Posting information on a web site, forum, or auction relating to cancelling offers, including cancellation phone numbers, cancellation time frames, and any encouragement or direction to cancel the offers after signing up with them.
  8. Gaining referrals by deception (including, but not limited to claiming to have a "hacked" link which gives a user free referrals, or claiming a user may receive a gift without obtaining referrals)
  9. We are not responsible for notifying a User about his or her account being placed on hold or banned.
  10. Users will not receive any reimbursement for offer credits or referrals accumulated prior to being placed on hold.
  11. If a User feels that he or she has been disqualified in error, they may contact us via our support desk:
  12. We are not obligated to fully disclose the reasons for putting an account on hold if doing so may compromise our fraud detection methods.

2. Security

  1. Any unauthorized use or entry into a NeoGoodies site is illegal and is punishable by law. The violation of any law will provide sufficient impetus for NeoGoodies to prosecute the offender to the fullest extent of the law as well as disqualify any accounts and/or actions created by the offender.

3. Gifts

A. Receipt of Free Gifts
  1. All users are subject to our fraud verification process before they receive any gift and if found to be fraudulent will not receive a gift.
  2. All prices specified for gifts refer to the amount of referrals needed for one item, even if there are more than one items present in the image representation of the product.
  3. Note: for the verification process to continue to find fraudulent users we cannot detail how we check accounts, what we can say is if you follow these terms of service you will pass with flying colours.
B. Delivery
  1. All orders of physical goods are sent by a courier to the address specified when the product is ordered. It is the responsibility of the user to make sure this address is correct. We are not responsible for failure of delivery due to, but not limited to: theft, erroneous delivery, mishandling during delivery or incorrect address.
  2. If a User does not receive a product, he/she should contact NeoGoodies and confirm that their shipping address was correct. In the event that the gift was lost, NeoGoodies will take reasonable effort to correct the error.
C. Availability of Products
  1. We are not responsible for the availability of a product. If we are unable to offer the requested gift a voucher or cash alternative will be offered to the use in question, in the sum value of the referrals spent by the user.
  2. We reserve the right to change or remove any gifts offered from our catalogue at any time.
  3. Users will always have the opportunity to request a cash alternative to any gifts on NeoGoodies.
D. Returns Policy
  1. NeoGoodies does not guarantee any product you receive. Guarantees and/or warrantees are provided by the respective companies from which the gift originates and/or the producer of said gift.
  2. If a product is found to be defective, the user should consult the warranty information included with the product. We are not responsible for the replacement or repair of defective products. Please contact the relevant vendor for questions about damaged or defective products you receive. In cases where you do not know what vendor shipped it to you, we can provide you with the appropriate vendor's contact information.

4. Spam

A. NeoGoodies
  1. We will not send out spam via any medium, for more information view our privacy policy.
B. User
  1. When sharing referral links online users must abide by the terms of services and best practises of the website they are utilising. Not doing so will result in the violation of this clause of the NeoGoodies terms of service.
  2. Users are not permitted to send their referral link in unsolicited mass mailings.

5. Requirements

A. Completion of Offers
  1. Users may only receive credit for the first time completion of any offer. If you have previously joined an offer whether on the NeoGoodies site or elsewhere, you will not then receive credit for completing that same offer again.
  2. In order to receive credit for completing an offer, you must follow our offer completion guide, visible on the offers page when logged in.
  3. Offers must be completed through the link on the offers page.
  4. Offers must only be completed using accurate and up-to-date user details.
  5. Offers cannot be completed with the use of disposable credit-cards nor disposable mobile phones nor disposable email addresses.
B. Failure to receive credit for an offer
  1. NeoGoodies cannot guarantee that you will receive credit for completing an offer. We reserve the right to refuse to credit you for the completion of an offer for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, lack of appropriate information, improper sign-up method, our in-ability to manually track down an offer, improper browser settings.
  2. You are responsible for keeping all emails you receive from offer providers regarding the completion of their offers. Manual credit will not be given without a confirmation email (among other requirements such as our own checks). A confirmation email is an email that a user receives from an offer provider after their offer requirements have been fully satisfied. However, presenting a confirmation email does not guarantee that a user will receive credit if we cannot track its completion with the help of our advertisers.
  3. NeoGoodies are not responsible for delays in reporting offer completion or failure to receive offer credit.
  4. If a user believes that they have fully completed an offer and yet, has not been credited, the user should once again make sure that they have in fact met all of the requirements stipulated by the offer provider (instructions can be found above on the offers page). If the user confirms that they have performed all of the necessary actions, he or she should contact our support desk at
  5. NeoGoodies reserves the right to carry out random checks to confirm legitimacy of offer completions and credit may be withheld if satisfactory proof is not received.
  6. The use of virtual or prepaid credits cards to complete any offer is not permitted under any circumstances including, but not limited to, the use of a prepaid card or virtual card through a payment platform such as PayPal.
C. Terms of Offers
  1. Users shall provided 100% accurate information to the offer provider.
  2. User may only attempt each offer once.
  3. Offer credits cannot be transferred between accounts.
  4. By opening an offer (clicking the link on the offers page to open the offer) you confirm that you are old enough to complete the offer as stipulated by the offer providers terms of service and the local law in your country.
  5. Points cannot be transferred between accounts.
  6. NeoGoodies cannot be held liable for any and all actions performed by the offer/survey provider.
  7. We are not responsible for the terms and conditions of the offer/survey providers on our website. NeoGoodies are not responsible for any ensuing charges or contracts incurred between yourself and an offer provider. Users should carefully read the requirements, terms and conditions, privacy policy and billing information for each offer before signing up.
  8. All Users complete offers at their own risk. We are not responsible for services or products associated with our offer providers. If there is a complaint about services or products received from an offer provider, users should contact the offer provider directly.

6. Referrals

  1. NeoGoodies reserve the right to check all referrals for signs of fraud. We reserve the right, to determine which referrals are fraudulent, and to not disclose the reasoning behind this decision if in doing so we would compromise our detection methods.
  2. If we suspect a user of fraud or breach of these terms and conditions, his or her account will be placed on hold and made null and void. All efforts to receive a free gift are non-transferable. This includes all referrals and offer/survey completions.
  3. Users need to obtain referrals in order to receive a gift and no gift can be obtained without referrals.
  4. To count towards your free gift your referrals must complete one offer from the 'offers' page.
  5. Your free gift is NOT dependent on your referrals also gaining referrals.
  6. In order to protect the quality of leads sent to our advertisers we are unable to give referral credit for any offers completed by referrals whose account is in breach of our terms and conditions.

7. Liability

  1. NeoGoodies is provided on an "as is" & "as available basis"
  2. NeoGoodies cannot be held liable for damage to, or loss of, property, loss of money, loss of time.

8. Indemnity

  1. NeoGoodies cannot be held liable from use or misuse of the Web site should you breach these our terms & conditions.

9. Notification

  1. NeoGoodies is not responsible for notifying users if changes are made to any policies, offer rewards, survey rewards, or gift prices.

10. Free completed referrals

This section refers to the giveaway registration page located at
  1. Under the business model section where we state "but since you're joining through this page you only need one!" we are referring to the custom order which requires a minimum of two referrals.
  2. Whenever we state or imply you will need one less referral by joining through that page we are referring to the fact that you are given one upon registration, so will have to refer one less friend to NeoGoodies.
  3. If you already have an account with NeoGoodies you are not permitted to create another to take advantage of this giveaway.
  4. All account registered through the giveaway page located at are subject to the same terms as regular accounts.

Privacy Policy

We are normal humans, like you. We fight the daily battle with spam the same as everyone else, we understand just how annoying it is. Therefore NeoGoodies does not sell, trade, lend, giveaway, or otherwise distribute any information our users entrust us with to third parties(apart from name & shipping address when we order a gift for you!). This is our promise which you can expect us to keep.
If you have any questions about anything we have or haven't covered please contact us for clarification!

What about those cookies?

The definition of cookies, courtesy of Wikipedia; "A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie, is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser while the user is browsing that website.".

We at NeoGoodies use cookies in two ways.
  1. To implment Google Analytics software which allows us to spot trends in countries and page views.
  2. To store a unique ID that identifies you to our system allow our own analytics, referral tracking system and the login system to function.
What information do we collect?

Through input forms around NeoGoodies we collect, full name, email, and address information of the user.
If the user is visiting through a referral link we also collect the referral ID and general analytics information for that action such as referring website, country and IP address.

What do we do with that information?

The data collected explicitly through the use of forms is used to create a profile for the user, including login details and shipping address.
The general analytics data is grouped and anonmised allowing the referrer to analyse where their traffic is coming from over a time period.

Security Policy

This document will hopefully instil confidence in you that we have done our homework to ensure the security of your account and associated information. We will attempt to do this without giving away specifics nor all measures used to protect ourselves. The information is limited to very vague bullet points to maintain operational security.

Security Measures include:
  • Utilizing prepared statements when interacting with databases.
  • Using a CSPRNG for all tokens and salts.
  • Multiple round password hashing with unique salts using blowfish.
  • Output user data in a secure manner.
  • Extensive logging of all actions taken by users and staff.
  • Secure email service to ensure our mail servers cannot be used by a third party.
  • Members' banking information (required for the payout via bank account) is encrypted until needed, and once used permanently deleted.
Further information

We will NOT provide any further information on request, please understand that this is for the security of your account.


  • NeoGoodies is an independent rewards programme and is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with any merchant, survey provider or product/service depicted on the site.
  • All trademarks are registered trademarks of their respective owners.
  • NeoGoodies is not responsible for loss or damage of any kind resulting from the actions of any survey or offer provider.

Cookie Policy

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are great tasting snacks when part of a healthy diet. However Cookies in the context of websites and web services a bit less tasty. There are two types of these less yummy cookies; "HTTP" & "Flash".
NeoGoodies only uses HTTP Cookies, like most sites on the web. A HTTP Cookie is a small file stored on a user's computer used to improve their experience through the storage of small pieces of information (websites need this as HTTP is a stateless protocol).

How does NeoGoodies use Cookies?

We only use cookies that are necessary to the successful operation of our service. We do not, and will not store any personal information in your cookies. Read on further to find the specific ways we make use of Cookies.

  • Cookies are implemented to aid in our own analytics which allow us to view an aggregate view of who uses our website and how. This information enables us to improve and optimise our service to better serve you.
  • Our own in-house tacking solution, which gives aggregated data to users to help improve their referral campaigns, also makes use of cookies. The analytical information is only collected when accessing NeoGoodies through a referral link.
  • The accounts system which allows you to register, login and so forth also makes use of Cookies. A unique & random identification token is stored in cookies that identifies you to our system allowing us to authenticate you as a user and show the correct information to you.