Offer completion guide

It is essential to read and understand this guide in full before completing an offer from our offers page. It details how to ensure we and our advertisers on the offers page can track your movements. If we cannot track you between our website and the advertisers we will be unable to credit your account with the offer you completed. In order to be sure that your offer completion runs as smoothly as possible we’ve compiled the following guide for you; please complete these steps in order:

  1. Make sure that you have not used this advertiser before.
  2. If you have in the past used this advertisers’ services you will not be rewarded for it this time around Eg. You haven’t registered with Netflix ect. in the past.

  3. Be certain that your internet browser allows for cookies.
  4. Cookies are small text files websites put on your computer to give you a better experience. However, some internet browsers and anti-virus software disable cookies; this includes Norton and MacAfee (use our cookie checker to verify your browser allows cookies).

  5. Be certain that JavaScript is enabled in your browser.
  6. JavaScript is the world's most popular programming language that's built into all the major web browsers and used to make web pages interactive (use our JavaScript checker to make sure it is enabled).

  7. Clear your cookies.
  8. This is an essential step because it helps to make sure that our advertisers are aware that you accessed their website through NeoGoodies, this way you will receive credit for registering (Click here for a quick step-by-step to clear cookies).

  9. IMPORTANT: Login again.
  10. That last step has logged you out of your NeoGoodies account, so before you open the offer of your choice you need to login again.